Cultural Centre of India

Cincinnati OH, Louisville KY & Evansville IN, USA


Serving our community for more than 25 years!

We offer dance classes, workshops and performances on India's traditional dance styles and culture. As part of the complete cultural immersion we offer end-to-end Indian Themed Event Planning.  We bring our cultural narrative to life in our thriving community.

Our Mission

To train the next generation of artists in
the highest level of the Indian classical dance tradition.

To present Indian classical dance performances in
innovative ways and at unexpected places.  

To engage diverse audiences in Indian culture, classical arts
including dance, music, culture, mythology and history. 

Cultural Centre of India 
9462 Hopewell Rd, Cincinnati OH 45249 USA
521 Zorn Avenue, Louisville KY 40207
4581 Estate Drive, Newburgh, Indiana 47630
Phone: 513-227-9612
Email: [email protected]

Accessibility Statement: Cultural Centre of India is committed to ensuring the accessibility of this website and its content. Ongoing efforts are documenting areas for improvement and a plan is in place to increase access. If you cannot access information on any page of this website, would like to report inaccessible features, or would like information in another format, please contact us at [email protected]
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